waoo port forwarding broken

For anyone reaching this page, let me first congratulate you on getting fiber, and also saying I'm sorry for having to coop with a beta-router from waoo / tre-for that looks like it's from 1990.

So you want to access your ssh on your many machines from the internet?

Sounds easy enough, the administration has this setting. Forward something like 123 to -> 22 on and you're all set to go right? Wrong, it just doesn't work. Virtual ports are just a no go on the 1.0 firmware, after writing to tre-for and waiting for a couple of days I get an answer saying you can't do range port forwards, but you can do port to port. In which I simply replied 123 -> 22 is not a range forward but a simple port forward. Two days later I get an email saying that the router is now updated and that I should try again.

Did it work?

YES, the very basic function of a router now works as it should and my machines can get booted of the internet once again from my phone!

FYI the new firmware version is now 1.0.2 7xxx, so if you're stuck on 1.0 and want an update, just call your fiber provider and tell them what to do.


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