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Android MediaPlayer crash

Problem Ever wondered why your app isn't able to stream a radio stream on eg. HTC EVO 3D but works on almost every other android phone? Does the following error message seem familiar? 10-20 10:47:03.024: INFO/NuHTTPDataSource(28325): connect to RADIO_URL 10-20 10:47:03.024: INFO/NuHTTPDataSource(28325): [Stagefright] RADIO_URL is not localhost 10-20 10:47:03.024: INFO/NuHTTPDataSource(28325): [Stagefright] do not use http proxy 10-20 10:47:04.556: INFO/TelephonyRegistry(257): notifyServiceState: 0 home TDC MOBIL (N/A) 23801 0 HSDPA CSS not supported -1 -1RoamInd: -1DefRoamInd: -1EriInd: -1EriMode: -1RadioPowerSv: falseEmergOnly: false 10-20 10:47:04.586: INFO/TelephonyRegistry(257): notifyDataConnection: state=2 isDataConnectivityPossible=true reason=null interfaceName=rmnet0 networkType=8 10-20 10:47:04.586: DEBUG/TelephonyRegistry(257): notifyDataConnection() state=2isDataConnectivityPossible()true, reason=null 10-20 10:47:04.586: DEBUG/TelephonyRegistry(257): broadca